101 Cascade Street Osceola WI 53020


Opening Status

Please check back here often for updates.


We’re moo-ving as fast as we can!

Today is June 19th. This was a big week for us. We did a sneak peek for Ladies Night. Thank you to the 50 plus guests that showed up!  We gave tours of the Milk House Cottage that will be ready to rent next week and let customers purchase some of our retail items that have arrived. 

We will be hosting pre-opening days over the next couple weeks as we gear up!! Check back here for those dates.

We can’t wait to open! Excited is an understatement! 

With the rest of the world, we are waiting on back ordered equipment, signs, doors, cash registers, and more. As soon as we have the basics we will fling the doors (if they arrive) wide open.