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Blueberry Muffin
I’ll take a little muffin top over Yuckins any day. I could use a little muffin top. Not the kind around my belly—the kind that goes in my mouth and is full of blueberries.  Do you ever get those strange cravings that won’t go away until you’ve eaten what you’re craving?  Last week, I was...
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Spiced Grilled Peaches
Perfectly Peachy Summer Dessert Summers are short and spending as much time outside as possible is No. 1 my list. You’ll find me out back on my deck grilling most nights.  Peaches are the best fruit to cook with. They don’t lose their flavor when they’re cooked. The flavor becomes more pronounced and peaches actually...
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Chocolate Cake
The month of cakes February is birthday month at our house. Eight immediate family members have birthdays. Plus, some close friends too.  My husband’s birthday is today, Valentines Day! Happy Birth-Tines Day, honey! We try to condense some of the festivities and celebrate some together or we are celebrating birthdays twice a week. I call it...
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Cheesy Salmon Hot Dish
I can feel winter coming to an end. Lent has started and the foods I crave are lighter. I find myself going back and forth between cheesy and warming to cold salads and citrus. Spring is almost here! February 26th is Ash Wednesday and that marks the beginning of Lent. The observance ends on Thursday,...
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I can’t figure out why. I’m as busy as I usually am running frazzled from one thing to the next.  Most years, I find myself wishing the holidays were over and wanting my life back to normal.  In the past, I have to do these a little pep talks with myself, saying “It’s almost over...
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